John Barrett talks about his history present projects
a NINE yr old BLACK belt SPEAKS

BLACK belt "corey" 9 yrs OLD = from Kirk Maillet on Vimeo.


A stunt man "JOHN BARRETT" who trained directly under "Chuck Norris" thruout the 70's becoming 1ONE of his 1ST BLACK belts, has been filming a story in real time 4 fifteen years. As an instructor in the "Norris" system BARRETT opened his own studio "JBAMA" when "CHUCK" closed his CA schools in 70's. John Barrett has been killed in the movies by Chuck Norris probably more than any human alive 2DAY.. A THIRD DEGREE IN NORRIS SYSTEM , A SIX DEGREE IN THE JBAMA, John's daughter "Janna Barrett" trained under her Dad and achieved her own BLACK belt @ the age of 8.
The story follows a KARATE school and the children who grow up on screen..